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Reliability Testing on a Multilayer Chip Inductor Fabricated from a Ferrite with a 350 °C Curie Point


  James Galipeau, George Slama, NASCENTechnology, Inc.
   2011 IMAPS HiTec Proceedings, July 2011

As more electronics are used in down-hole energy exploration, under the hood automotive applications, and in other environments where temperatures exceed 200 °C, there is a need for compact passive magnetic components that operate reliability at elevated temperatures. Most ferrites used to make multilayer ceramic inductors have Curie temperatures in the 100-200 °C range. As temperatures rise above the Curie point, ferrites lose their magnetic properties and become paramagnetic. This means that traditional multi-layer ceramic inductors suffer severe performance degradation when operated at elevated temperatures. Therefore, ferrite materials with higher Curie temperatures need to be developed to increase device performance and reliability at these high temperatures.