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Low-Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic LTCC Transformer Size

LTCC Products Overview

Wire wound transformers have been used for over 100 years. While most electronics continue to shrink, wire wound transformers have remained roughly the same size. NASCENTechnology’s patented Low-Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC) manufacturing processes have dramatically advanced transformer technology. LTCC transformers are smaller, lighter and more resistant to environmental stresses. 

Size, Reliability & Temperature

The new NASCENTechnology LTCC transformer is flat, thin and less than half the size of traditional wire-wound transformers. Because of the production process, these transformers can handle temperatures of up to 300 Degrees Celsius. The LTCC production process, which embeds the coil windings within one solid ceramic unit, resulting in a far more reliable transformer which can withstand extreme shock, vibration, and thermal cycling.

NASCENTechnology transformers are made from a process that eliminates plastic bobbins, fine magnetic wire, and brittle ferrite cores. Our multilayered ceramic transformers are produced using proprietary material deposition and lamination techniques. The laminated transformer structures are co-fired at temperatures up to 950° C.

 Design and manufacturing take place under the same roof allowing for easy customization. Custom sizes, pinout locations, and terminal plating are available. Custom lot testing is also available. LTCC products have withstood 1,000,000 cycle tests and 1000 hour tests at high temperatures.


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  • Pulse Transformers
  • High Temp Power Inductors
  • High Temp Flyback Transformers
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