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Markets We Serve

We focus on high reliability and high temperature magnetic component applications ranging from milliwatts up to 250 watts of power. Our LTCC and custom wire-wound designs have been successfully used in the following markets:

  • Defense/Aerospace
  • Down-Hole Oil and Gas
  • Agriculture & Construction
  • Medical
  • Geothermal
  • Industrial
  • Ionization


NASCENTechnology serves markets by providing the following magnetic component types

  • Flyback transformers
  • Push-Pull
  • Forward Converter
  • Pulse transformers
  • Current Sense
  • Common Mode Chokes
  • Boost/Buck Inductors
  • Reactors
  • Other Specialized Assemblies
  • Replacement for obsolete components by reverse engineering and reinventing the product
  • HIREL Build-to-Print


We serialize our parts for complete traceability unless customers specifically request we do not serialize.