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Title:  Electrical Engineer I

Department: NASCENTechnology Manufacturing, Inc., Watertown, SD

Reports to: VP/GM NASCENTechnology



Job Objective:

The EE I position is intended to be an entry point into NASCENTechnology’s company and specialized magnetic component technology whereby the EE’s education and prior work experience is applied to furthering the company’s business goals while developing the employee professionally for the next step in the company.  To that end, the employee’s responsibilities and work assignments will tend to be a more broad application of the individual’s educational background before a deeper professional specialization is jointly determined during the next step of professional development.




  • Complete electronics circuit design projects related to testing magnetic devices.
  • Perform reliability testing on magnetic components and improve reliability testing station setup and testing automation.
  • Become familiar with the design of specialized magnetic components and perform new product designs under the guidance of a Senior Design Engineer.
  • Perform characterization testing of new magnetic materials and support incoming inspection testing of raw material lots, documenting results as necessary.
  • Troubleshoot any machinery electrical or software problems when needed/requested by maintenance staff and operators.
  • Perform technical writing related to magnetic component performance, magnetic component application circuits, and magnetic component reliability testing.
  • Become familiar with the NASCENT manufacturing process and Quality System in order to communicate effectively as needed with customers and the technical team involved in new product development.
  • Support sales and marketing management on a special project assignment basis.
  • Work as a member of the NASCENT technical team as a resource in performing special project work.
  • Reports project status as necessary to keep the NASCENT technical team and management informed.
  • Maintains accurate records of all quotes, samples, sales, and customer activity reports for customer related projects, when assigned.
  • Adheres to all company policies, procedures and business ethics codes.
  • Adheres specifically to ITAR regulations with respect to controlling export controlled information dissemination and parts to qualified customers only.



Job Specifications:

  • A four year degree in electrical engineering.
  • An ability to learn and effectively communicate power electronics concepts.
  • An ability to understand market dynamics and requirements for high reliability markets such as military, energy exploration, portable power, and implantable medical devices.
  • Above average technical writing skills.
  • An ability to lead and persuade others to follow.
  • Willingness to travel and work in a team comprised of technical and sales professionals.
  • An ability to use Microsoft Office software products (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and to learn and use Contact Resource Management software.
  • A competitive, high results-driven attitude.