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LTCC Heat Tested Low-Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic LTCC Transformer

Reliability Testing

A chain is as strong as its weakest links. And the NASCENTechnology transformer has eliminated every weak link.

Reliability Testing Overview

A chain is as strong as its weakest link, and the NASCENTechnology transformer has eliminated every weak link. NASCENTechnology Transformers embed the coil windings within a multi-layer hermetically sealed core structure that is sintered into one unit.

This completely eliminates plastic bobbins with fragile rails and terminals as well as the fine magnetic wire and brittle cores prone to breakage. Lighter, smaller and hermetically sealed, NASCENTechnology transformers are reliable, solid and resistant to extreme shock and vibration.

What is Reliability?:

Succinctly, MIL-STD-721c describes reliability as: 

  • The duration or probability of failure-free performance under stated conditions
  • The probability that an item can perform its intended function for a specified interval under stated conditions


NASCENTechnology Reliability Testing


Contract Reliability Testing:

If you have a magnetic component you want reliability tested for your specific application and end-user, we can support you with that service, whether it’s our design or another’s.  We manage this through a combination of our own on-site equipment and staff and our network of reliability test partners who provide us with a rapid turnaround on testing using their specialized machines and capabilities.  In this way, we can be your one-stop reliability test shop so that you can focus on other things that add value to your own business.

Standard Product Application Based Reliability Testing:

In the HIREL markets, we serve with our standard LTCC products; we are familiar with the reliability requirements and standards that apply to those products and the applications they are typically used in.  In most cases, you will find that we have Reliability Test Reports we can supply so that you can assess that product in your application.   There are often subtle differences from one application to another even within the same market.   If we do not have a reliability test report available matched to your specific end-use, we can work with you to assess what reliability testing your application may require.

Custom Product Reliability Testing:

If we design a custom product for you, your reliability requirements will be part of the conversation so that there is a true design for reliability consideration.  Following that, we can perform the critical reliability testing for you or we can provide the product for your internal proprietary reliability testing purposes.