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NEWAVA Technology Acquires NASCENTechnology Manufacturing, Inc

WATERTOWN, S.D. - July 12, 2019 - Newava Technology was established in 1993 in Watertown, SD, and has grown from a small business that maintained a local customer base to presently serving customers worldwide.  The company continues to strive for growth in the innovative technology market through customization and expansion of product offerings.  Keith Muhl, President of Newava Technology is announcing the acquisition of the Watertown, SD, company NASCENTechnology Manufacturing, Inc.  NASCENT was originally a subsidiary of the South Dakota corporation, ANZA Incorporated.

NASCENT designs and manufactures multi-layer ceramic transformers for defense, medical and energy exploration applications.   Newava Technology produces custom and standard inductors, transformers, cable and wire harnesses, and electro-mechanical assemblies for power supply, solar, avionics, military, medical, test and measurement, industrial, automotive and commercial applications.  Together, through this acquisition, both businesses will increase production variety, customer base, and synergy within the companies.   Keith Muhl states:

"We are excited about the prospects in the defense market this acquisition brings.  NASCENT has a growing customer base in the defense industry and by pooling our resources, we can accelerate that growth and offer our own existing products and capabilities to round out our offering to that industry for the betterment of both companies and the defense industry.  It's really a win-win-win for everyone involved and will also keep these jobs local.   This acquisition will allow Newava Technology and NASCENT to offer our customers a greater range of product types and capabilities. The combined resources of our two companies will facilitate our growth opportunities while positioning us for the future growth of our customers."

Dennis Holien, Chairman of the Board of ANZA, agrees with Muhl that the combined effort of the companies and the advantages of local connections will have a positive effect.  He further states, "We are excited for the opportunities this brings to both Newava and NASCENTechnology."

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